Contractor Services

Calling all “Builders and Contractors” we did not forget about you! You work hard to maintain a referral base, and so do we…that’s why we offer all builders and contractors a discounted price point when you are purchasing Cabinetry for multiple projects. See your personal Design Specialist for more details.


Your Cabinet Creations plus Design Specialist is there to listen to what your clients are telling you, when it’s your job, “you’re the boss”, we work for you! Tell us what your clients want, and we will do our best to fulfill there wishes. Don’t want to work directly with the clients on their design? No problem! We’ll take that part over, then turn over the finished design work to you to present to your client. Again, “you’re the boss.”

Are you a large development company?

we love over 20-unit jobs! We have a truckload price point for your needs and budget.

See your Design Specialist for more details